The better floor covering for Terrace
Comfortable and frost-resistant.

Terrace tiles - flooring for new construction or renovation of terraces.

A terrace extends the living space outside. It is a place for relaxation and socializing, where you can relax, celebrate and enjoy the beautiful weather. In addition, it increases the value of the house. At WARCO you will find attractive patio slabs and complete systems for new construction and renovation of a patio in the garden, house or on the flat roof.

  1. The advantages at a glance
  2. The right floor structure for every type of terrace
  3. Practical for any terrace
  4. The feel-good terrace with safety
  5. Durable - easy to clean and weatherproof
  6. Examples of terraces: Gallery 1
  7. Examples of terraces: Gallery 2
  8. The complete selection

Looks 'TOP'

'This concept has convinced me - For me it was crucial that I did not have to take up and dispose of the unsightly concrete paving (terrace). The newly laid surface looks "TOP", the tiresome weed growth from the joints is finally over. So also a low-maintenance product. Everything fit easily laid, small irregularities are well compensated.'

Ulrich Klotz, 29. Mai 2017

Patio slabs from WARCO - The advantages at a glance

  • WARCO patio slabs are laid directly on a suitable substrate - without screwing or gluing.
  • ALLESDICHT seals (not only) flat roofs and floor slabs. ALLESDICHT is trowelled on and forms a highly elastic and permanently sealed rubber skin after drying.

  • Plastic honeycomb grids are the ideal base layer for patio slabs from WARCO in the garden. They are often laid on chippings only, are open to infiltration and can support up to 400 t/m².

  • A WARCO floor on the terrace feels pleasant and invites you to sit, play and walk barefoot. The surface is non-slip and provides fall protection.Der

  • water-permeable terrace floor dries quickly during precipitation. It is weather and frost resistant, insulates against cold from the ground and does not heat up much in the sun. It is maintenance-free and easy to care for.

  • The choice of over 30 color designs and numerous installation patterns leaves nothing to be desired.

The right floor structure for every type of terrace

Terrace attached to the house
Often a concrete slab for the terrace is poured directly at the house. As a rule, WARCO panels can be laid directly on the concrete slab or - in the case of renovation - on the existing covering (tiles, concrete pavers, exposed aggregate concrete). The same applies to healthy terraces made of WPC or wooden planks.
Garden terrace
In the case of a newly laid terrace in the garden, the structure with a base layer of plastic honeycomb grids and the terrace floor made of WARCO panels has proven to be the ideal solution. In case of renovation, the WARCO floor can usually be laid on the already existing terrace covering.
Terrace on a flat roof
If the waterproofing of the flat roof is intact, the WARCO sheets can usually be laid directly on top. A separating layer is recommended for plasticized plastic membranes. If the waterproofing is in need of renovation, it is worthwhile to use ALLESDICHT, which is simply filled on.

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'Dear team, our floor is installed and what can I say, I am thrilled all around. The delivery was super friendly, even if the original deadline could not be met. Due to the flexibility of the material, we have leveled our unevenness well and did not have to work additionally with leveling compound. The installation was no problem thanks to the plan. It has already passed the endurance test in terms of cleaning and our daughter loves to run around on it. The evaporation is within limits and will certainly disappear. Praise also to your website, the right product was found quickly. The price is more than reasonable. With equalizing compound, tile adhesive, tiles and a significantly higher amount of work, we would not have come cheaper. In summary, we are more than satisfied and could already arouse great interest in the circle of relatives. Many thanks, also for the nice conversations by mail.'

Familie Krenz, 2. Oktober 2023

WARCO's top sellers for the terrace

Practical for any terrace

Compared to many other materials that can be considered as a floor for a patio, WARCO's patio slabs have a decisive advantage: they can often be laid on any permanently load-bearing substrate without any further preparatory work.

In addition, these patio slabs bond directly during installation to form a positionally stable carpet of slabs. This is because a zipper connection system is molded into the edges of the slabs, which functions in the manner of a dovetail joint. WARCO panels are therefore not screwed or glued to the substrate. They simply rest on the substrate and can be removed and reused in the same or another location if required.

Installation is so simple that most customers install the panels themselves. The only tool needed is a circular saw or jigsaw, which is used to cut the edge panels or cut out the culverts.

Easy to process

'I have laid 2 terraces with about 30 m² each. With cutting and adjusting the corners I have needed per terrace about 4 hours, comfortably with a lot of break :-). With a little craftsmanship (you should be able to handle tape measure and jigsaw) it is really very easy to lay. Slight irregularities compensate the plates super, the more even the subsoil, the better. The rainwater runs off under the plates super, no puddles form on the plates. I am totally thrilled, the next terrace is also already planned.'

Carsten Schmale, 10. December 2017

On plastic honeycomb grid lays well

Ein Element des WARCO Kunststoff-Wabengitter.

Use the inexpensive plastic honeycomb grids to create a permanently stable base layer for patio slabs that is open to infiltration on natural ground without great effort.

ALLESDICHT makes a reliable seal

Ein Eimer mit 25 kg WARCO AllesDicht im Farbton schwarz.

AllesDicht is the ideal sealant for roof terraces or flat roofs. AllesDicht is applied in a viscous form and forms a highly elastic, dense rubber skin as soon as it dries.

The zipper holds everything together

Eine kleine, rechteckige Fläche mit Terrassenplatten HZ

The best of 2 worlds: With the HZ terrace slab, you get a classically elegant joint pattern in sophisticated colour designs and a permanently form-fitting slab bond thanks to the zip interlocking.

The feel-good terrace with the plus of security

With the floor from WARCO it is safe and relaxed to rest, play and celebrate on the terrace:

  • The floor gives a pleasant barefoot feeling as on forest floor, but is tread-proof. Garden furniture, flower pots or high heels leave no marks - a barbecue can be set up.
  • Children do not get cold feet, cold buttocks and do not hurt themselves while playing.
  • The non-slip surface is slip resistant. Important for children and the elderly: If someone falls - WARCO patio slabs provide fall protection.
  • The excellent impact sound insulation prevents disturbing noises from garden furniture, bobby cars or hard heels on the terrace.
  • Dogs, cats and other pets love to play and snooze on this patio decking.

The microscopic air pockets between the rubber granules, the air cushions in the drainage on the underside of the slabs and the high thermal capacity of rubber ensure that WARCO patio slabs offer significantly better thermal insulation and absorb solar heat much more slowly than, for example, a patio floor made of ceramic, natural stone, WPC or concrete.

The heat capacity, i.e. the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 kg of material by 1 °C, is 1.6 kJ for rubber and 0.8 kJ for marble. Marble therefore heats up twice as fast as rubber. The thermal conductivity is also interesting: polystyrene is an excellent insulating material with a λ value of 0.03, while the λ value for rubber is 0.16 and for marble already 2.8.

Durable - easy to clean and weatherproof

Here we see a irregularly shaped out house seamlessly fitted with WARCO tiles around it walls. Creating a nice and uniform whole.

A patio covering from WARCO is durable, although the service life always depends on the individual conditions on site. There are customers who still use their patio slabs purchased in the 2000s today.

By nature, a WARCO floor is weatherproof and frost-resistant. After a rain, the precipitation seeps through the water-permeable slabs over a large area and the patio dries quickly. As the slabs seep through, the water takes fine dirt with it and thus rinses off the terrace floor - a "self-cleaning effect".

Coarse dirt is removed with a broom, water hose, high-pressure cleaner or vacuum cleaner. Furthermore, a WARCO floor is absolutely maintenance-free. It is not impregnated, sanded or painted.

Examples of terraces: Gallery 1

Expectations exceeded

'We too wanted a solution for our old terrace (exposed aggregate concrete) 70 m²! The description and testimonials helped us a lot, although there were still some concerns. After the order was delivered almost on time. The laying was very easy. It went much faster than expected. When cutting to size, there were a few attempts to find the right tool. Clearly and easily it actually went with a jigsaw. Everyone who saw our project when it was finished was impressed. It is a very good and comfortable walking on the pavement. I can only say it was the right decision!'

Ingolf Lübke, June 12, 2018

Use the WARCO APPs and plan to measure

In just a few steps, test your desired floor covering on site with your smartphone, or use our installation planner.

  1. Select your desired product and start the preview.
  2. Mark the area to be laid and select the appropriate colour.
  3. Determine the number of pieces of flooring required with the help of the installation planner.

Select floor covering for installation

AR App

Examples of terraces: Gallery 2

Highly recommended

'We are very happy that we chose WARCO patio slabs when building our patio. They look very good in the surface, are very true to size, easy for anyone to lay and create a wonderful walking feeling. Rainwater percolates very quickly. We received very friendly service and the delivery was perfect. Thank you!'

Ottfried Rusch, June 11, 2019

Terrace floor with (almost) invisible joint

Terrace slabs for house and garden terraces and roof terraces on flat roofs

Terrace slabs for public and commercial terraces

Decking for covered terraces and outdoor seating areas

Decking for small terraces on bound base layer

Wall termination, installation, assembly and sealing

In the sum of the properties superior to other decking!

  • Weather resistant and frost proof
  • Water permeable and quick drying
  • Slip resistant in dry and wet conditions
  • Insulates heat, cold, vibration, sound
  • Easy care with self-cleaning effect
  • Easy to install for new construction and renovation

Decking from WARCO - the complete range of materials, colors and formats

At WARCO, you will find exactly the right decking for your patio. Because the formats, surfaces and technical specifications of WARCO decking are as diverse as the terraces.

In the online store, each decking material is described in detail and illustrated. A characterization and the physical properties expressed in scale values allow easy comparison with other decking.

As a special service helps you the Product finder in choosing the right decking for your patio.