The better floor covering for Stairs
Climbing stairs - but safely

The non-slip all-weather stair covering

WARCO's anti-slip stair cladding in Light Granite runs directly in front of the house in the Alps.

Many stairs are not good to walk on. The steps are too slippery, the stairs are too steep, too narrow - or all of the above. This applies to both indoor and outdoor stairs. For outdoor stairs in particular, the weather also plays a major role in the safety of the stairs.

With a suitable stair covering from WARCO, the steps are non-slip and safe - and they provide fall protection and insulate the impact sound!

  1. All advantages at a glance
  2. Stair covering for external stairs
  3. Simply stick on new stair covering
  4. Stair covering made of rubber granulate - durable and easy to clean
  5. Ideas for staircase design

All advantages at a glance

Brown steps in the garden lead past flower pots towards the terrace in the garden. Warco stair covering makes them sure-footed.
  • Non-slip surface - non-slip in wet and dry conditions
  • Pleasant feel - barefoot-friendly tread surface
  • Water-permeable - dries quickly without forming puddles
  • Good fall protection - reduced risk of injury in the event of a fall
  • Impact sound insulation - no noise when climbing stairs
  • Weather resistance - no rotting, cracking, splintering, mold, flaking
  • Self-cleaning effect - easy to clean and low maintenance
  • Great color designs - versatile design options, high-quality floor image
  • User-friendly - easy to install even on the stairs

The most popular stair coverings from WARCO for indoor and outdoor staircases

Stair covering for external stairs

grey outside staircase with WARCO stair covering leads past the house Right garden.

The question often arises as to how the safety of use of a staircase can be improved. The main criteria are safe accessibility in all weathers and ease of installation. The aesthetics of the staircase also play an important role.

A stair covering from WARCO fulfills these requirements and much more. This is because it is made of PU-bonded rubber granules and has a rough, slightly grainy surface with a good grip. This makes it naturally non-slip. And that in both wet and dry conditions. This stair covering also drains water quickly and the surface dries quickly.

If someone does trip or fall on the stairs, the WARCO stair covering reduces the risk of injury as it provides fall protection.

Particularly advantageous: a stair covering from WARCO prevents impact noise. No noise is produced when walking on the stairs, even with hard shoes. The covering also dampens vibrations that can occur with wooden or metal staircase constructions.

Simply stick on new stair covering

Man glues down steps. Yellow stair covering is glued to the tread and to the nosing step.

A stair covering from WARCO can be easily installed on any staircase. The handy panels are cut to size directly on the staircase and glued to the existing stair surface. In the case of grating stairs, the cut-to-size panels can also be clamped. To achieve a uniform appearance, the treads and risers should be covered with the tiles.

WARCO offers two alternatives for bonding. Either the particularly strong PU adhesive OP, which adheres permanently elastic to almost any substrate.

Or ALLESDICHT as the best choice if the staircase is to be permanently protected against penetrating moisture. ALLESDICHT is the thick-layer sealant without harmful solvents, which dries after filling to form a rubber skin with an elasticity of over 200 %. The stair plates are simply pressed into the damp ALLESDICHT layer - and adhere.

Finally, a metal or plastic edge protection profile is glued to the front edge of each step. This protects the edge from excessive wear and conceals the joint between the tread and riser.

Stair covering made of rubber granulate - durable and easy to clean

The entrance area to a detached house was partially refurbished. The stairs and landing have already been covered with WARCO flooring in the terracotta colour design. The path to the house still consists of concrete paving.

WARCO stair covering is easy to maintain, durable and naturally weatherproof. Heat in summer, cold in winter, frequent changes between frost and thaw - this stair covering can withstand all this without cracking, bursting or breaking. Even ice and snow have little effect on the WARCO stair covering and it can be gritted with road salt or chippings to prevent slippery surfaces.

Small dirt particles, such as dust from the air, disappear all by themselves the next time it rains. This is because they are simply rinsed through the tiles. Coarse dirt can be removed with a broom, high-pressure cleaner or vacuum cleaner.

As a rule, ants do not settle under WARCO flooring because the tiles do not offer any protection from precipitation. Weeds and moss do not find any nutrients in WARCO tiles and therefore do not grow on or in the joints when used properly.

Ideas for staircase design

In terms of their overall properties, WARCO stair coverings made of rubber granulate are superior to other coverings!

  • Robust, weather-resistant and frost-proof
  • Insulate heat, cold, vibrations and sound
  • Water-permeable and quick-drying
  • Easy to clean with self-cleaning effect
  • Slip-resistant - dry and wet
  • Easy to install - for new builds and renovations

Stair tiles with (almost) invisible joint

Universally applicable stair covering

Stair covering for heavily frequented stairs

Fall protection stair covering Pro Fall protection stair covering Pro

Fall protection stair covering Pro BZ

Dark granite Classic granite Light granite English lawn Terracotta Bast & Bark +14 Farbvarianten

ab €11.00 / piece ab €44.00 / m²

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Thin stair covering exclusively for indoor use

Stair covering Stair covering

Stair covering EZ

Light red spotted Light blue spotted Light green spotted Light yellow spotted Anthracite matt Dark granite +26 Farbvarianten

ab €2,048.20 / Set • 16 piece / Set ab €128.01 / item

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Kerb ramps and block steps

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