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Fall protection mats and slabs

With fall protection slabs from WARCO, you can have a good laugh. These four cheerful girls are standing in front of a solidly built, free-standing climbing wall in the school playground. The fall protection slabs provide the prescribed fall protection on the children's playground in accordance with EN 1176.

WARCO manufactures fall protection tiles and fall protection slabs in various designs. They are certified according to EN 1177 and provide maintenance-free fall protection for public and private areas for many years. Find out everything you need to know about fall protection from WARCO here.

  1. All advantages at a glance
  2. Free fall height and fall space
  3. Fall protection on publicly accessible play areas
  4. Fall protection from backfilled material
  5. Can be used all year round and permanently
  6. Lay properly with little effort
  7. Three mounting systems
  8. Added value for the carrier or operator
  9. Examples from practice

Best rated *****

'Very good - We placed these fall protection panels under a climbing frame in the garden of our kindergarten. They optimally fulfill their purpose.'

Infantarius Kindergartens gGmbH

'Very good - Very good product and easy to install. Good advice, easy ordering and on-time delivery. Good price-quality ratio.'

Secret Gardens SPRL

'Good product, easy to work with - The tiles are easy to work with (cut to size). We have installed them indoors. The vapors are also hardly noticeable.'

CJD Daycare Center Extertal Hans-Lenze Foundation

All the advantages of WARCO fall protection at a glance

Fall protection slabs from WARCO not only provide reliable fall protection for many years, but also dampen the noise generated by bobby cars, toy tractors, skateboards and other play vehicles.

As a renowned manufacturer, WARCO has outstanding expertise in the field of fall protection mats. WARCO's expert advice is available by telephone and in writing for all phases of planning and execution of surfaces with impact-absorbing properties.

  • Production of fall protection for over 20 years.
  • The right fall protection for every fall height.
  • Plug-in connection or dovetail connection.
  • As a substitute for jointless fall protection.
  • Inexpensive colors and noble color designs.
  • Flammability class Efl or Cfl-s1.
  • Competent advice - reliable service.
  • High quality fall protection, easy to install
  • Practical - easy to mount anywhere.
  • Economical - durable, easy to clean, low maintenance.

Fall protection up to 300 cm critical fall height

Free fall height and fall space

Graphic representation of the expansion of the impact area, i.e. the expansion of the fall area in accordance with the EN 1176 regulations and the relevant critical fall height. The impact-absorbing properties of the floor covering are determined in accordance with EN 1177.

The free fall height and the fall space are decisive for the planning of a fall protection surface. These values are usually specified by the manufacturer of the play equipment or climbing wall.

The free fall height is the greatest perpendicular distance between the clearly intended body support and the surface below, e.g.

  • when standing on a platform, the distance between the feet and the floor.
  • the distance from the gripping surface to the ground when shimmying along a shimmying route.
  • when swinging, the distance from the center of the seat perpendicular to the floor at a swing angle of 60°.

The fall space is any area around the play equipment that must provide fall protection as a possible impact surface. The depth of the fall space, i.e. the length of the impact surface, must be at least 150 cm and is calculated from 150 cm free fall height using the formula: Length of the impact area = (2/3 of the free fall height) + 0.5.

Fall protection on publicly accessible play areas

The maintenance-free, synthetic fall protection made of WARCO fall protection slabs is also a particularly advantageous and aesthetically pleasing solution for this natural playground. The red safety tiles provide long-lasting, maintenance-free fall protection around the climbing tower.

The EN 1176 standard sets out the binding safety requirements for public playgrounds - whether run by municipalities or private operators. It also contains regulations for shock-absorbing floor coverings, i.e. for fall protection.

In practice, this means that a shock-absorbing floor covering, i.e. fall protection, must be installed under playground equipment. Suitable fall protection materials include wood chips, bark mulch or gravel. However, only fall protection mats made of rubber granulate offer maintenance-free and cost-effective fall protection over many years.

The advantages of fall protection mats made of rubber granulate are obvious: On the one hand, the handy sheets can be laid on a suitable base layer (WARCO recommends plastic ground grids here) without extensive earthworks.

In use, fall protection mats are low-maintenance, maintenance-free and durable. And if a panel does get damaged, it can be easily replaced. This means that the playground can be used in any season and in any weather.

The product finder - find the right fall protection quickly

Fall protection from backfilled material - not recommended in the long term!

Grass-covered ground is not suitable as fall protection in a playground. The grass is trampled under the swing and the ground is played away.

Only at first glance does loosely distributed fall protection, i.e. wood chips, bark mulch, fall protection gravel or fall protection sand, appear to be the cheaper fall protection. However, if one considers not only isolated the material price, the calculation looks quite different:

  • Poured fall protection is often used by animals as a toilet.
  • Feces, food scraps, broken glass and other debris mix with the loose fall protection material.
  • Bark mulch or wood chips rot.
  • Toddlers like to put bark mulch or wood chips in their mouths.
  • Broken glass and splinters of wood pose a high risk of injury.
  • Fall protection gravel or wood chips are used as throwing material.
  • The loose fall protection is carried into the terrain, i.e. played away and must be refilled.
  • Poured fall protection collects dust when dry, and mud can form when wet.

Your safety

By choosing the right WARCO fall protection slab for your playground project, you permanently safeguard the children playing against fall injuries within the framework of the applicable legal regulations. And you protect yourself in the long term against accident-related claims for damages.

Fall protection tiles made of rubber granules - can be used all year round and permanently with pleasure

If the entire play area of a children's playground is made of WARCO safety tiles, it can be played on in any weather. The play area is easy to keep clean. Even after years, the playground still looks good.

Outdoors, an area secured with fall protection slabs can be used all year round and in any weather. The water-permeable rubber granulate tiles allow precipitation to seep away quickly and without puddle formation. The surface of the fall protection slabs dries again in a short time. It is slip-resistant both when wet and dry.

At low temperatures, a fall protection covering made of rubber granulate provides noticeable insulation against the cold of the ground. Vibrations and structure-borne noise are dampened. This increases comfort for users and residents of the fall protection area.

WARCO fall protection tiles are harmless to health, the EPDM used even meets the requirements for baby toys. The fall protection tiles are manufactured in fire classes Efl or Cfl-s1.

WARCO fall protection slabs - installed properly with little effort

It's easy and fun to lay WARCO safety tiles yourself. At the sports club or the parents' association at school and kindergarten, the parents do the work themselves in one working day.

WARCO fall protection mats are easy to install. A stable and level base layer is sufficient. If a bound or lattice base layer is already in place, installation can usually be carried out without any further preparatory work.

In the case of grown or filled subsoil ("green meadow"), WARCO recommends the installation of a base layer based on plastic honeycomb grids.

A bedding of sand, chippings or gravel is unsuitable for laying elastic slabs of rubber granulate, as sooner or later this will result in the so-called "cupping" of the fall protection slabs (formation of dents in the bedding).

In contrast, the plastic soil grids laid on a thin layer of chippings and filled with chippings form an ideal base layer that is stable in position and open to infiltration. It has a load-bearing capacity of approx. 400 t/m2 and can be built up with little effort and without major earthmoving.

Three mounting systems - always easy to put together

Mounting systems are integrated into the sides of WARCO panels. These simply create a mechanical connection between the individual panels during installation. A coherent carpet of panels is created. The most secure connection is achieved with the jigsaw or dovetail joint (zipper).

Fall protection surfaces from WARCO can be installed in a way that is vandalism-proof. However, they can also be laid in such a way that they can be removed without damaging the slabs and relaid at any time. This makes WARCO's fall protection slabs superior to jointless fall protection poured on site.

Die Verlegung von WARCO-Fallschutzplatten mit Steckverbinder-Montagesystem erfolgt im halben Versatz der benachbarten Plattenreihen zueinander. Als Tragschicht können Kunststoff-Wabengitter (Rasengitter) verwendet werdenThe Plastic connector connect the panels of adjacent rows of panels. The rows of panels are laid half offset to each other. This connection does not prevent the panels from drifting apart.

Die Fallschutzplatte-Ballspielplatte von WARCO ist mit dem Reißverschluss-Montagesystem (Schwalbenschwanz-Verzahnung oder auch Puzzle-System genannt) ausgerüstet. Das Montagesystem bewirkt eine formschlüssige Verbindung. Die Platten können auf einer Tragschicht aus Kunststoff-Wabengittern verlegt werden.The symmetrically arranged Zipper serrations  Strips on all sides create a positive connection between the panels by simply pressing them into each other. A storage-stable and permanently joined panel carpet is automatically created.

This type of panel is also called a puzzle panel.

Beim Spiel-Bodenbelag von WARCO wird durch eine nach dem Zusammenfügen der Platten nicht mehr sichtbare Reißverschluss-Verzahnung (Schwalbenschwanz-Verzahnung oder auch Puzzle-Rand genannt) ein formschlüssiger Verbund der Platten untereinander erreicht. Die Verlegung auf einer Tragschicht aus Kunststoff-Wabengittern (Rasengittern) ist besonders vorteilhaft.The half-height zipper prongs located on two adjacent panel sides engage with snug-fitting, concealed mating parts of the connected panel when the panels are joined.  The concealed zipper creates a form-fit and permanently stable joint. A straight joint pattern is created on the visible side.

WARCO safety mats - added value for the wearer or operator

If a climber loses their footing on this boulder wall, WARCO's rubber granulate fall protection slabs, approved for a critical fall height of up to 300 cm, ensure that serious injuries, especially head injuries, are avoided. The fall protection slabs from WARCO can simply be laid on the existing concrete paving.

For the operator of a fall protection area, WARCO fall protection pays off in several ways.

Before buying, the expert advice will provide you with competent and objective help in planning fall protection surfaces and selecting the most suitable fall protection mats.

During the investment phase, you will benefit from favorable manufacturer prices and sales-related discounts. You will be pleased to know that the installation of the fall protection mats can be carried out quickly and cost-effectively by your own personnel or a suitable service provider.

During operation, WARCO safety hazards place only a small burden on your budget. Because the floor is durable, robust and low-maintenance. And, of course, it offers fall protection with a certificate.

Fall protection from WARCO - Examples from practice

Fall protection from WARCO - All advantages at a glance

  • Fall protection with certificate according to EN 1177:2018.
  • Robust, weather-resistant, frost-proof.
  • For indoor and outdoor use - flammability Efl or Cfl-s1.
  • Water permeable, quick drying.
  • Does not rot. Does not erode away.
  • Non-slip wet and dry.
  • Pleasant - heat, cold and sound insulation.
  • Easy to clean with self-cleaning effect.

Fall protection panels with connectors - critical fall height from 100 to 300 cm

Fall protection tile (100 cm fall height) Fall protection tile (100 cm fall height)

Fall protection tile (100 cm fall height) FS

Anthracite Pale brown Gentian blue Coral red Sky blue Ivory +24 Farbvarianten

ab €11.90 / piece ab €47.60 / m²

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Fall protection tile (155 cm fall height) Fall protection tile (155 cm fall height)

Fall protection tile (155 cm fall height) FS

Pale brown Gentian blue Coral red Sky blue Ivory Iron grey +25 Farbvarianten

ab €17.00 / piece ab €68.00 / m²

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Fall protection tile (140 cm fall height) Fall protection tile (140 cm fall height)

Fall protection tile (140 cm fall height) FS


ab €25.30 / piece ab €101.20 / m²

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Fall protection tile (300 cm fall height) Fall protection tile (300 cm fall height)

Fall protection tile (300 cm fall height) FS

Anthracite Chocolate brown Slate grey Grass green Brick red Pale brown +25 Farbvarianten

ab €29.80 / piece ab €119.20 / m²

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Fall protection tile (165 cm fall height) Fall protection tile (165 cm fall height)

Fall protection tile (165 cm fall height) FS

Pale brown Gentian blue Coral red Sky blue Ivory Iron grey +19 Farbvarianten

ab €29.90 / piece ab €119.60 / m²

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Fall protection tile (225 cm fall height) Fall protection tile (225 cm fall height)

Fall protection tile (225 cm fall height) FS

Pale brown Gentian blue Coral red Sky blue Ivory Iron grey +19 Farbvarianten

ab €43.50 / piece ab €174.00 / m²

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Fall protection panels with zipper interlocking - critical fall height up to 120 cm

Fall protection paving and fall protection mat in BEHATON composite paving format

Low curbs, palisades, block steps and chain elements for the edging of playing areas

Rubber kerbstone (Deep kerbstone) Rubber kerbstone (Deep kerbstone)

Rubber kerbstone (Deep kerbstone) RV

Brick red Chocolate brown Grass green Slate grey Anthracite Travertine +14 Farbvarianten

ab €30.50 / piece ab €30.50 / lm

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Ramps and covers for concrete edgings

Installation and assembly