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Fall protection slabs with a thickness of 65 mm are an essential safety solution for areas where a high level of fall protection is required. The 65 mm thick fall protection slabs have been specially developed for playgrounds, climbing areas and sports facilities, where they provide effective protection against fall injuries.

Certification according to EN 1177

A key feature of the 65 mm thick fall protection slabs is their EN 1177 certification. They are certified for a critical fall height of up to 210 cm, i.e. they offer a high level of protection against life-threatening head injuries in the event of falls from this height. This is particularly important for play and climbing equipment in public and private playgrounds, where there is a frequent risk of falling.

Material and properties

The 65 mm thick fall protection slabs are made of a resistant and shock-absorbing material, namely polyurethane-bonded rubber granulate, which absorbs the impact energy in the event of a fall. Their sophisticated design guarantees durability and reliability.

The surface of the slabs is non-slip, which provides additional safety when playing. In contrast to most other fall protection materials, the 65 mm thick fall protection slabs are a durable solution. They do not rot, are not played on and do not serve as a dog litter tray.

They therefore not only offer protection in the event of falls, but are also durable and low-maintenance, making them a cost-effective solution.


The 65 mm fall protection slabs can be laid on any suitable base layer.

In the case of natural or backfilled ground, plastic honeycomb grids (turf grids) are recommended as a base layer to create a level and stable surface. The fall protection slabs are connected to each other at the ends using a proven plug-in connection system that prevents the individual rows of slabs from moving against each other.

All in all, the 65 mm thick fall protection slabs offer a reliable, safe and durable solution that meets the highest safety standards and is therefore indispensable for playgrounds and sports fields.

Advantages of impact protection slabs with a thickness of 65 mm

  • Certified for drop heights up to 210 cm.
  • High-quality fall protection with a long service life.
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to rubber granulate from used tyres.
  • Non-slip surface, safe in wet conditions.
  • Weather and frost resistant.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

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