Colour sample MF "Terracotta"

EAN: 4251469317956 | Item no.: 1794

The colour sample shows the properties of a specific colour design and helps choose the suitable one.

Properties such as material structure, elasticity, surface feel and density of the colour pattern are generally slightly different to the properties of the finally chosen product. The colour patterns are manufactured only to show the colour design - similarly to the colour sheets at the car dealer's. For this purpose, a large-sized tile is manufactured, then split and cut into handy pieces. That's why normally there are cutting edges visible on the bottom side of the colour sample.

  • €140.00 / 200 piece / set/200
  • Plus delivery costs

    (0.08 kg /  piece)
  • Realisation time approx.

    ​​​​​1-3 days



Terracotta In the colour design Terracotta the natural, warm colour range of clay and loam are reflected. The products in the colour design Terracotta are made of beige, light brown, red and black imbued, granulated EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) - an age-resistant, weatherproof, high-quality elastomer. The classic design Terracotta ennobles every environment and fits almost all areas of utilisation.

material The rubber granulate this element is exclusively made of, is newly manufactured, colourful EPDM - the rubber has a form of chopped, irregular particles. The synthetic rubber EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is particularly durable and resistant.

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