EAN: 4251469300033 | Item no.: 0003

ALLESDICHT is a one-component, water-dilutable, spreadable, sprayable and trowelable rubber flour based dispersion without health-damaging components. ALLESDICHT is laid wet on dry in two or three layers and after drying off it builds an extraordinarily sticky, water-permeable rubber sealing membrane with extremely high elasticity and best crack bridging. ALLESDICHT eliminates or prevents leakages in a lot of areas: roofing, terrace, balcony, roof gutter, swimming pools, swimming ponds, water tanks, brickwork, basement walls and in areas connected to the ground.

ALLESDICHT is a perfect underfloor among the rubber granulate slabs and provides permanently waterproof surfaces on wood, tilework, sheet metal, fibre cement, bitumen, concrete, sanded roof membranes and suchlike if applied during the renovation. ALLESDICHT has been tested as a construction waterproofing: general building authority test certificate no. P-SAC 02 / 5.1 / 22 - 335.


Connecting system
AD (AllesDicht)
  • €51.33 / 1.11 piece / m² x 2 mm
  • Plus delivery costs

    (3.00 kg /  piece)
  • Realisation time approx.

    3-4 weeks



Red brown Red brown is the classic colour of bricks. It can be successfully applied for the visible surfaces, such as walls or roof covering.

material The principal ingredient of ALLESDICHT is a fine-ground rubber powder, sustainably obtained from the utilisation of truck tyres. The ingredients are mixed with another valuable additives to a watery dispersion. That's why ALLESDICHT is arbitrarily water dilutable. The processing temperature is from 5 to 30 °C, frost-proof storage has to be secured.

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