The better flooring Cutting fall protection mats
Simple and precise cutting

How to cut fall protection panels - Cutting fall protection mats to size

When laying safety mats and other floor tiles made of PU-bonded rubber granules, you reach the point where the tiles need to be cut. This can be a straight cut to cut off the overhang at the edge of the surface. It can be an incision or cut-out to create a passage for a post.

In principle, fall protection mats or other slabs made of rubber granulate can be processed in a similar way to solid wood. They can be sawn precisely, mitre cuts can be made, the material can be drilled and even milled. With the right tools, you can cut quickly and safely.

Simply cut with a sharp knife or a suitable saw

WARCO-Terrassenplatten liegen bündig an einer Hauswand aus unregelmäßig geformten Natursteinen an. Die Platten aus Gummigranulat lassen sich mit einer Stichsäge, einer Säbelsäge oder einem Messer genau und präzise zuschneiden.

You don't need to be a specialist or craftsman to cut rubber granulate slabs, i.e. fall protection slabs, balcony decking or patio slabs, cleanly and precisely.

As a rule, a sharp knife or a saw with a suitable saw blade is completely sufficient. If you then measure precisely and perhaps even work according to a laying plan, there's not much that can go wrong.

For more complex cuts, such as precisely fitting a natural stone wall, it is helpful to first make a template out of cardboard and then transfer it to the granulate sheet.

A cutting disc or metal saw, a "hot wire", a tile cutter or similar are unsuitable for cutting fall protection mats to size.

A few practical tips for cutting fall protection mats and rubber granulate slabs

How to cut the panels for the edge of the surface

Verlegen Sie die Platten in der Fläche so, dass die Platten am Rand die gleiche Größe haben. Dazu wird in jeder Reihe eine Platte halbiert und die Reihe dann mit der einen Plattenhälfte begonnen und mit der zweiten Plattenhälfte abgeschlossen. Passt es vom Maß nicht, wird aus der zu zerschneidenden Platte ein Mittelstück herausgeschnitten, so dass die gewonnenen Plattenstücke für den Rand von gleicher Größe sind.

As a rule, the dimensions of the areas on which fall protection mats, terrace tiles or other WARCO tiles are laid make it necessary to cut the tiles to size in the edge area.

It looks particularly good when the edge of a surface is cut symmetrically, i.e. the first panel in a row of panels is the same size as the last panel in the row.

This attractive laying pattern can be easily achieved by halving one tile per row. You then start the row with one half of the tile and lay the second half at the end. If the dimensions of the surface do not match, do not cut this tile in half, but cut out a centre piece to create two equally sized edge pieces.